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Lars Christian Johansen Anne Larsen Jens Christian Samuelsen Christiane Marie Thomasdatter
1835 - 1899 1845 - 1866 1834 - 1916 1831 - 1914
Valdemar Kristian Edvard Johansen Ellen Marie Samuelsen
Født: 5. august 1880 i Ørvad, Tolne Sogn, Horns Herred, Hjørring Amt Født: 19. december 1871 i Jerup, Elling Sogn
Død: 6. april 1948 i County Steuben, New York Død: 25. februar 1956 i Frederikshavn
Gift: 25. oktober 1901 i Jerup Kirke
Fælles Børn: Lars Christian Johansen, Peter Johansen, Margrethe Johansen, Olga Jensine Johansen, Jens Aage Johansen, Helene Marie Johansen

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Valdemar Kristian Edvard Johansen blev født den 5. august 1880 og døbt den 29. august 1880. Forældrene var husmand Lars Johansen og hustru Ane Larsen, 33 år, i Ørvad. Fadderne var gårdmand Peder Pedersen og hustru Kristine Andersen i Skørbækshede, pige Jensine Martine Nielsen i Tolne [Tolne Sogn, kirkebog for 1858 - 1885 side 38 opslag 37] Ellen Marie Samuelsen blev født den 19. december 1871 og døbt den 11. februar 1872. Forældrene var husmand Jens Christian Samuelsen og hustru Christiane Marie Thomsen, 34 år, i Jerup. Fadderne var Inger Marie Thomsen, Kirsten Marie Larsen, Jens Thomsen og Niels Larsen, alle af Jerup [Elling Sogn, kirkebog for 1869 - 1889 side 306 opslag 124]
Ved folketællingen i 1890 boede Valdemar Kristian Edvard Johansen hos sin familie i Tolne Sogn:
Lars Christian Johansen, 58 år, gift, husfader, landbruger, født i Elling Sogn
Ane Larsen, 43 år, gift, husmoder, født i Skagen
Laurits Christian Marius Johansen, 13 år, barn
Valdemar Christen Edvardt Johansen, 9 år, barn
Albert Peter Carl Johansen, 3 år, barn,
Børnene var født i Tolne Sogn

Ved folketællingen i 1880 boede Ellen Marie Samuelsen hos sin familie i et hus i Elling:
Jens Chr. Samuelsen, 45 år, gift, husfader, jordbruger
Christiane Marie Thomsen, 48 år, gift, hans hustru
Thomas Chr. Jensen, 20 år, ugift, barn
Amalie Jensen, 15 år, barn
Ane Marie Jensen, 12 år, barn
Ellen Marie Jensen, 8 år, barn

Valdemar Kristjan Edvard Johansen blev konfirmeret den 30. september 1894. Forældrene var husmand Lars Johansen og hustru Ane Larsen i Ørvad. Karaktererne for kundskaber og opførsel var g+ og mg [Tolne Sogn, kirkebog for 1892 - 1905 side 224 opslag 97] Ellen Marie Samuelsen blev konfirmeret søndag efter påsken i 1886. Faderen var husmand Jens Samuelsen, Klitten [Elling Sogn, kirkebog for 1869 - 1899 side 702 opslag 269]
Ved folketællingen i 1901 boede Valdemar Kristian Edvard Johansen hos sin ældre broder i Tolne Sogn:
Laurits Kristian Marius Johansen, født den 30/3 1876, ugift, husejer, landmand
Anna Johansen, født den 28/8 1846 i Skagen, enke, aftægtskone, forhenværende husmoder
Kristian Valdemar Edvard Johansen, født den 5/8 1880, ugift, barn, tyende ved landbrug
Albert Carl Peter Johansen, født den 30/5 1886, barn
Agnes Petrea Johansen, født den 27/3 1893, barn
De øvrige var født i Tolne Sogn

Ved folketællingen i 1901 boede Ellen Marie Samuelsen hos sine forældre på matrikelnummer 28b, Klitten, i Jerup:
Jens Samuelsen, født den 10/11 1834, gift, husfader, husmand, agerbrug
Kristiane Marie Thomsen, født den 11/12 1831, gift, husmoder
Ellen Marie Samuelsen, født den 19/12 1871, ugift, datter
Jens Godtfred Emanuel Samuelsen, født den 17/12 1895, dattersøn
Emil Andersen, født den 20/12 1896, dattersøn
Agnes Kristiane Samuelsen, født den 16/1 1899, datterdatter

Ellen Marie Samuelsens børn før ægteskab:

Ungkarl Valdemar Christian Edvard Johansen, tjenestekarl af Hørmested Sogn, og pige Ellen Marie Samuelsen af Klitten blev viet den 25. oktober 1901 i Jerup Kirke. Forloverne var aftægtsmand Niels Peter Nielsen af Jerup og husmand Jens Christian Samuelsen af Klitten [Elling Sogn, kirkebog for 1901 - 1909 side 264 opslag 248]

Valdemar Christian Edvard Johansen og Ellen Marie Samuelsens børn var:

Ved folketællingen i 1921 boede familien i Gadholt Møllehus, Understed Sogn:
Ellen Johansen, født den 19/9 1871 i Elling Sogn, gift, husmoder, landbrug, tilflyttet i 1910 fra Gærum Sogn
Olga Johansen, født den 3/8 1909 i Frederikshavn, barn
Jens Johansen, født den 24/7 1911 i Understed Sogn, barn
Helene Johansen, født den 5/2 1914 i Understed Sogn, barn

Ellen Johansen (19.12 1871 - 25.2 1956) blev begravet på Frederikshavn Kirkegård. En vinterdag i kvælden, da gik du hjem til gud.

Den amerikanske familie

Agnes Johansen, 21 4/12 år, ugift, tjenestepige i Skagen, og Valdemar Chr. Johansen, 34 år, gift, landarbejder i Understed, afrejste med S/S "United States" fra Kristiansand, og de ankom den 18. august 1914 til New York. Deres bestemmelsessted var Penn Yann, New York, hvor de skulle besøge Albert Johansen.

Ved folketællingen den 31. januar 1920 boede Valdemar Christian Edvard Johansen i Milo Township, Yates County, New York:
Chris W. Johansen, husbond, 38 år, gift, immigrerede i 1914, landmand

Chris Johansen has moved from Keefer Bros' farm to the Turner farm near Dresden [Penn Yan Democrat, Friday April 2nd, 1920]

Valdemar Christen Edvard Johansen (Walter Christian Edward), også kendt som Chris Johansen blev gift med Grace Florence Alvina Rice (1902 - 1978) den 18. juni 1923 [Ancestry.com]

Valdemar Christen Edvard Johansen og Grace Florence Alvina Rices børn var:

Ved folketællingen den 24. april 1930 boede Valdemar Christian Edvard Johansen med sin nye hustru i Woodhull Township, Steuben County, New York:
Chris Johansen, husbond, 49 år, han var 20 år ved første ægteskabs indgåelse, landmand, immigrerede i 1915
Florence Johansen, hustru, 27 år, hun var 20 år ved første ægteskabs indgåelse
Ellen Johansen, datter, 5 år
Gusta Johansen, datter, 1 2/12 år
Marie Johansen, datter, 3/4 år

Valdemar Johansen døde den 6. april 1948 i Tuscarora, Steuben County, New York

Chris Johansen, 68 years old, died Tuesday at his home in Lindley, N. Y., R. D.
Survivors include his widow, Florence; children, Mrs. Ellen Fee, Salamanca, N. Y.; Mrs. Augusta Sly, Lawrenceville; Mrs. Marie Sellard Nelson; John, Albert, Emma, Dagmar, Margaret and John all at home; four grandchildren.
Funeral services will be held Friday at 2 p. m., from the Nelson Methodist Church with the Rev. Frank White, pastor officiating.
Interment will be made in the Baxter cemetery.
The body is at the Blanchard Funeral Home in Nelson where friends may call this evening.
The Evening Leader, Thursday, April 8th, 1948

Om Laura Mathilde Johansen

Laura M. Johansen, Lindley Road — Laura M. Johansen, 12, died at the Corning Hospital Saturday afternoon.
She was born November 9th. 1932, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christian Johansen of this place.
Besides her parents, she is survived by seven sisters, Mrs. Ford Cie of Salamanca; Florence, Augusta, Marie, Dagmar, Margaret and Jennie at home; two brothers, John and Albert at home; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Rice of Woodhull and several aunts and uncles.
Funeral services will be held Tuesday at 2:30 p. m, from the Methodist Church in Nelson, Pa., with the Rev. Victor C. Detty officiating. Burial will be in Baxter Cemetery, Tuscarora.
Corning Leader, Monday June 4, 1945

Four Jailed In Chicken Thefts. Four persons were committed to the county jail at Bath Monday when they were unable to pay a $30 fine each, imposed by Justice of the Peace Raymond Young of the Town of Tuscarora, following their pleas of guilty to charges of burglarizing two chicken coops.
The defendants were Earl Joseph stone of Rutland. Pa., Laura Lois Clark of Elkland, Pa., Winifred Mayo of Lindley, R. D. 1, and Terrene E. Chilson of Elkland. Pa.
The four admitted entering chicken coops owned by William Payne of Lindley, Road 1, and Christopher Johansen of Lindley.
They were arrested by State Police from the Painted Post substation, who had been investigating a series of chicken thefts.
Corning Leader, Tuesday May 15th, 1945

In Memoriam
In Remembrance of our daughter Laura who passed away just one year ago June 2.
Sudden was the call,
Great was the loss.
She is still remembered
By all who knew her
Her work here on earth is ended.
Her race below is run.
So let her work praise her
In the heavenly gate.
In comforts our heart to know
She is in food care
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Johansen and family.
Corning Evening Leader, Monday June 3rd, 1946

Om Dagmar Elizabeth Johansen

Elkland, Pa, Girl Critically Hurt, One Dead, Two Injured In County As Result Of Weekend Accident
Highway accidents in Steuben County over the weekend brought death to one person, serious injury to another.
Thirteen-year-old Dagmar E. Johansen, daughter of Mrs. Florence Johansen of Rathbone, died en route to St. James Mercy Hospital, Hornell, after a trailer truck had rammed the rear of the light truck in which she was a passenger Sunday at 2 p. m. near Woodhull. The Johansen girl was thrown 20 feet when the truck hit the rear of Cole's vehicle.
Seriously injured in the crash and reported in "fair" condition at the Hornell Hospital today was Doris van Zile, 16 years, of Elkland, Pennsylvania. Other passengers in the light truck operated by Robert Cole of Woodhull Road were Emma, 15 years old, and Albert, 12 years old, sister and brother to the dead girl.
Driver of the tractor trailer was fined $25 after pleading guilty to a reckless driving charge before Justice of the Peace.
Steuben County Coroner was conducting an inquest in the girl's death this morning. No death certificate had been issued.
Acting Sheriff who investigated said both vehicles were proceeding westerly on Route 17 when the light truck slowed to make a turn. The tractor trailer followed jack-knifed and swerved as the driver attempted to avoid the accident, but plowed into the rear of the truck. It was raining at the time and the road was slippery, according to investigating officers.

Funeral Thursday For Rathbone Girl Killed In Accident.
Funeral services for Miss Dagmar E. Johansen, 13-year-old Rathbone girl, who was killed in a highway accident near Woodhull Sunday will be held at the Smith Funeral Home here.
The pastor of Woodhull Baptist Church will officiate at the final rites. Burial will be in Nichols Cemetery, Town of Tuscarora.
She was born in the Town of Troupsburg on February 2nd, 1938, daughter of the late Christopher Johansen and Florence Rice Johansen of Rathbone.
Besides her mother, she leaves six sisters, Mrs. Ellen Fee of Salamanca, Mrs. Augusta Sly, Elkland, Pennsylvania, Mrs. Marie Sellard, Lawrenceville, Emma, Margaret and Janie Johansen, at home; two brothers, John and Albert, at home; maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Rice of Woodhull.
The body is at the Smith Funeral Home where friends may call.
The Evening Leader, Corning, Monday, May 28th, 1951.

$75.000 action reported settled. A $12.000 settlement was reported here (in Bath) this afternoon in four companion lawsuits which opened in Supreme Court this morning.
A total of $75.000 was sought in the lawsuits for the death of Dagmar Johansen, 13 years old, in Woodhull a year ago May. She was fatally injured while riding a pickup truck which was involved in a collision with a tractor trailer.
The Evening Leader, Thursday, June 19th, 1952.

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